Nov. 23, 2015

The Caius Choir

Two motets in the Caius choir programme of our Christmas concerts were composed by the English refugee Peter Philips. Born in around 1560 he was a chorister at St
Paul's Cathedral in London, but like many other Roman Catholics at this
time he felt compelled to leave England. In 1582 Philips travelled to
Rome where he stayed for 3 years before eventually settling in Catholic
Antwerp. His troubles then continued as he was accused of being part of
a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth; he was imprisoned but eventually
released without charge. His surviving music includes some magnificent
choral pieces which show the results of his extended stay in Italy.
Unlike most English music of the time the works are sung in Latin and
are scored for 2 choral groups that alternate with one another.

(Dr Webber).

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