Photo Album

Jasmine Hogan Harpist

Yukiko Fujikake Violnist

Kitty Cheung Violinist Assitant Concert Master of the Sinfionieta Orchestral of HK

Steinway Artist Mary Wu

David Wong

Alan Chu Head of Piano section Hong Kong Sinfionetta

Concert by the Caius Choir at St John's Cathedral 14th Dec 2012

Igor Yuzefovich, Concert Master of the HK Philharmonic Orchestra

Richard Bamping, Principal Cellist from the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

Rupert and Rachael Gough

Akane Kubota

Albert Yue Cheng

Linda Yim

Marie-Laure Muller

The Oxford Gargoyles

The King's College Reception Dinner and performance by The King's men

Queen's College Choir Cambridge University

The Rolling Stones - CN Arts sent a choir to sing with the Rolling Stones 9th Mrch 2014 in Macau Arena

The Chung Chi Choir

Maurie-Laure Muller

Rene Benedetti

King's College Choir London

Choir of Queen's College, Oxford University

The Koto Ensemble

Dr Owen Rees, a leading specialist in Portuguese early sacred music

David Trendell Choir Director of King's College London

Thomas Hecht