Stephen Cleobury Choir Director of King's College Choir Cambridge

Dear Christine
"Having done yet another radio interview, my first task of today - an entirely pleasant one - is to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful occasion you arranged for yesterday. I do not doubt that all the members of our party hugely enjoyed it, as I did. It was lovely to meet so many of your friends and colleagues, and I much valued being able to sit with Sir David and with Andrew Wells."
Warm Wishes

Akane Kubota and Albert Yue Cheng

Dear christine

Thank You very much for organising a wonderful concert to perform. Albert and I are truly thankful for the opportunity. I'm glad that the program was good to, a lot of our firends also enjoyed the evening very much.

Akane and Albert

James Way Tenor King's College Choir Choral Scholar

Dear Christine

I just wanted to thank you for organising such a fantastic tour for the KCL Chapel Choir before Christmas. It was great and would't have been possible with all the hard work you put in! (James is the first person from the left)

All best


Eleanor Wood, Choral Scholar King's College Choir London

Dear Christine,
I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you very much for organising such a great tour. It was such a pleasure to meet you whilst being in Hong Kong and to experience such an outstanding city whilst bringing some Christmas cheer.
I hope our paths cross in the future.
Here's wishing you all the best for the new year ahead.
Best Wishes,

David Trendell Choir Director Of King's College London

Dear Christine,

Many thanks for your very kind Christmas card. I'm sorry not to have 
been in touch before now. We arrived safely after 2 rather long 
flights and then I had to immerse myself in the Christmas festivities 
at Bourne Street and I've been out of internet contact since then.

But I would like to say a huge thank you for a wonderful trip to Hong 
Kong. We had a marvellous time and that was down to your huge 
initiative, generosity and planning. There are so many highlights of 
the trip that I can't really name them. The trip to Macau, the 
wonderful dinner in the Hong Kong Club and the Lusitano. The splendid 
venues. I really cannot thank you enough.

Your very generous hospitality was enjoyed by all and I would like to 
add a personal note on that. You and Arun were superb hosts and I 
enjoyed every moment.

Let me know when you are both next in England. A fine dinner at the 
Athenaeum awaits.

Lots of love,


Marrie Rose Kim (Oboe)

Concert on 30th October at the Agnes B Cinema

"Thank You so much, Christine!

Was a great time preparing this concert and all the wonderful job

you did for me."

Marrie Rose Kim

Last Night's Concert

Dear Christine

We enjoyed playing the concert. Thanks for the opportunity.
Best Andy (Andrew Simmon)

Thank You

Dear Christine

Thank  you so much for looking after us in Hong Kong, arranging the concert in Stanley and giving us such a lovely final evening in the city. We will have many happy memories to take home.
Rupert Gough


Thank You

Dear Christine,

It was my pleasure performing at The Hong Kong Club last night and I would like to sincerely thank you for the opportunity.
I would love to perform at your venue again in the future and keep in touch.
Have a pleasant day!
Warmest regards,
Akane Kubota

The ISF Academy

Dear Christine

heart-felt personal thanks for bringing Sofya to play for us yesterday. (26th March 2013). It was a special afternoon, one of those afternoons that made a real difference, on many levels, in the academy and for each person who heard and met her.

Dr Dominic Sargent

Sofya Gulyak is the

1. First and only woman to win the First Prize of the Princess Mary Gold Medal at the 16th Leeds International Piano Competition

2. First Prize at the William Kapell International Piano Competition in the USA

3. First Prize in Tivoli Piano Competition in Copenhagen

4. First Price in Gyeongnam International Piano Competition in South Korea

5. First Prize in San Marino Piano Competition

6. First Prize in Maj Lind Helsinki International Piano Competition

6. Second Prize (First not given) of Busoni Competition

She also teaches at the Royal School of Music in London and plays in 50 to 70 concerts  a year around the world.


The Imatake Koto Ensemble

A beautiful performance by the Imatake Koto Ensemble.

Dear Christine

Thank You once again for organising the concert at the Hong Kong Club. We thought it was an amazing experience for us. Too wonderful for words. Thank You. All my friends who came thought the concert followed by a dinner was a perfect evening.

Nanako Ono, Koto Artist

Dear Christine,

I don’t know if you have heard as it wasn’t covered in the English press; I’ve just been selected as a recipient of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award 2012 in Hong Kong, and I’d just like to share this piece of good news with you and say thank you for opening up some opportunities for me in the past year.

Warren Lee



 Steinway Artist Robin Zebaida

"Working with you is always an exciting adventure. Your infectious enthusiasm for all you do has been really inspiring to me. Thank you!!" 


Steinway Pianist Robin Zebaida
" I want to thank you for an amazing year of recitals in Hong Kong and Singapore. Your support, friendship and belief has meant even more to me, and I look forward to being in touch about plans and possibilities in 2013..."

The Choir Director of Gonville and Caius College Cambridge Universtiy

Dear Christine,

I write on behalf of all the choir to thank you for a wonderful trip to HK, Macau & Beijing. We all had a superb time and will retain many happy memories of the trip. I hope you and Arun have a nice rest now over Christmas, as the tour obviously took up so much of your time during these recent months. I was very pleased with the choir’s singing on the trip, and it was musically very rewarding both for the singers who gained much experience, and for myself.

Dr Geoffrey Webber
The Choir of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University

Mary Wu Concert Pianist

Concert at the Bateman Auditorium Cambridge University 20th October 2012

Just to let you know that things went very well in Cambridge.  Mr. Tuchsel, Adrian was very nice and efficient in organising his series; it seems not just concerts but lectures.  It was lovely to be in Cambridge again and I did meet Dr. Webber briefly after the concert. He seemed to be a lovely, gentle and kind man and I look forward to hear the choir when they go to HK.  It was a small and intimate concert setting and the audience was very attentive.

Thank you for your suggestion and for all your kind words of introduction. 
Mary Wu  Eminent concert pianist
Concert at the Hong Kong Society playing for Lord Wilson 17th October
The people were extremely nice today.  Thank you for introducing me to this Society which I knew nothing about!
Will send you some photos later on.
 Mary Wu  Concert Pianist

Professor Marina Horak, Concert Pianist Slovenia

In this day and age, when so many things are rushed and mechanized, to encounter a person, who dedicates herself to meeting new artists in a spontaneously personal way and to organizing concerts to present them to new audiences, is nothing short of a miracle.

Just before I was about to visit Hong Kong in February 2011 for a recital at the Hong University, I received an email in which concert agent Christine Nigam (whom at that time I did not know) expressed the wish to organize another concert with me. However my stay was too short - so Mrs. Nigam invited me to her house to play a "salon concert" for her friends. This was a truly wonderful evening for me, playing for a small attentive audience and then meeting all the guests individually ... it must have been like this in the 19th century's Paris!

This was the beginning of a good working relationship and - most importantly - friendship, which resulted in my recital at the City Hall on April 21st 2012. The organization was flawless, and at the same time Mrs. Nigam brings into taking care of her artists that warm personal note, which makes all the difference.

I hope that Mrs. Nigam and I  shall have many more opportunities to plan concert events together!

Marina Horak, pianist, Slovenia

Singer Caius Choir

Dear Christine

The trip to Hong Kong was incredible, many thanks once again for making it happen. It was an experience quite unlike any other I have had, and I, unlike some of my choir friends, have done quite a lot of travelling before! It was my first time, and I found the city vibrant and exhilarating, and the concerts we sang were very enjoyable. All in all the trip was a great success, and I will always have fond memories of it.

All the best

Tim Khoury (Third singer from the right of the  photo)

Singer from Caius Choir John Gowers

As I sit writing this in the all too bleak midwinter that is an English January, it seems almost incredible to me that just a month and a half ago the Choir and I were enjoying the gorgeous sunny weather of Hong Kong.  Even though the tour was only a short time ago, the places we visited, the concerts we sang and the experiences we had were a world away, culturally as well as geographically, from the matins-and-evensong routine we are all used to in our College Choir.  Hong Kong seemed to have a bit of everything: one minute we were exploring the maze of high-rise buildings and street-markets, the next we were singing Christmas carols in a roof-top bar or a private club and the next we were witnessing the delights and diversions of Macau, as well as singing in a beautiful historic church there.  And who among the singers in the Choir will forget that idyllic day spent at Yim Tin Tsai, Hong Kong’s ‘ghost island’, or the spectacular views of the harbour from the ferry and from the Peak? 

Yet the most unforgettable thing for me was the degree of patience and hospitality which our hosts showed us when we were there: taking responsibility for students from a foreign country is not an easy task. 

I hope I speak for the whole Choir when I say that I feel immensely privileged to have been included on this tour: it was certainly quite unlike any tour I have been on before, and I know we all enjoyed the experience tremendously. 

John Gowers

2nd-Year Mathematician, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge

Susannah Bagnall Singer from Caius Choir

Gonville & Caius Choir Tour to Hong Kong – December 2012



The week that Caius Choir spent in Hong Kong was brilliant for all sorts of reasons. For many of us, myself included, it was our first time in the Far East, and so the opportunity to experience a new and different culture was fascinating. Although we were kept busy with lots of performances, there was time to explore our surroundings and what they had to offer. A highlight for many was the boat trip out to a virtually deserted island where we performed a very unusual concert, in that we had had to bring our audience on the boat with us! The variety of performance opportunities was of a degree that we do not usually experience in the UK. From charity dinners at exclusive clubs, to Eucharist in the Anglican cathedral, to afternoon entertainment in a busy shopping centre, we did it all – and most importantly we were faced with enthusiastic audiences wherever we went. Singing Christmas carols in twenty-five degree heat was certainly a novel experience for us all and, as with the tour in general, it was one that we will never forget.

 Susannah Bagnall

 2nd-year English Student, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge

Andy Wells was the auctioneer for the event at Club Lusitano

You did an excellent job with the Gonville and Caius Choir.

Andrew Wells 
Chief Secretary St Helena Govt and Chief Advisor to Lai Sun and Furama Groups.