11th Dec 2012 Concert at Club Lusitano for Christian Action, Sang by Caius Choir

Christian Action  At Club Lusitano 11 Dec 2012, Sang by Caius Choir

Dear Christine

I want to thank you so much for your caring heart and all your efforts in organising last night's beautiful event. It really was a warm and encouraging evening.

Nelson Yau, Director of Christian Action



International China Concern  15th December Sang by Caius Choir

The night was very successful and we much appreciate all of the effort that everybody put in.

Especially thank.. Christine for the great choir, ...Superhuman effort - well done!

20th May 2012 Charity Concert for Debra Jones' husband Rocky for bone marrow transplant

Debra Jones thanking everyone after the concert played by Steinway Artist Warren Lee for supporting her during her husband's sickness, to raise money for his operation.

Dear Christine

It is with the deepest gratitude that I write to you to send thanks for a wonderful event last Sunday. I know the  audience members all had a lovely time, and Rocky and I felt truly supported, particularly by yourself.

Debra Jones

Head of Music

South Island School