“In dulci jublio”

One of the the oldest carols in our Christmas concerts is “In dulci jublio” which dates back to medieval times.

According to a German folklore, Heinrich
Seuse wrote it in 1328 after he heard the angels sang the words and joined in a dance of worship.

The lyrics in the original song were in German and Latin. Today a popular version of this song is by J.M. Neale called “Good Christian Men, Rejoice.”

An u tube of “In dulci jublio” by King’s College, Cambridge. https://youtu.be/iXze_TLUTqM

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我們聖誕音樂會上最古老的頌歌之一是“在dulci jublio”,其歷史可以追溯到中世紀時期。


原創歌曲中的歌詞是德語和拉丁語。今天這首歌的流行版本由J.M. Neale稱為“Good Christian Men,Rejoice”。