Apr. 13, 2014


March 26  2013


Ms Sofya Gulyak performed in a concert and master class at ISF Academy .

Programme:  Mussorgsky  Pictures at an Exhibition

                  Chopin Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Brilliante

March 4  2013

The Imatake Koto Ensemble

Venue: Hong Kong Club

Time:  Reception 7:00pm, Concert 7:30pm, Dinner 8:30pm

Cost:  Concert only $300, Concert and Dinner $550 (cost includes a glass of wine)

RSVP: Christine  9464 1941   christine.nigam@aol.com

  1. Red Fire                                      by K Yoshizaki

  2. Zero                                           by T.Mizuno

  3. The Moon Over a Reined Castle     by  Rentaro Taki

  4. Red Dragonfly                              by Kosaku Yamada

  5. Spring in the Mountain Village        by Akira

  6. Sakura                                         by T Mizuno

  7. Dramatic                                     by Hisamoto

  8. Miraika                                        by T Mizuno

 The Musicians

 Nanako Ono

 Nanako Ono’s mother, Rinase, who is a Koto Grand Master of Yamada family and has been performing Koto publicly all over Japan, as well as been giving lessons to many students for the past 35 years. She taught Nanako Koto from 3 years of age. Nanako moved to Hong Kong 5 years ago and has continued her koto studies here in Hong Kong with grand master Mie Imatake. She has previously performed at overseas music festivals in Tokyo, the USA and Hong Kong.


Lee Ka Pui Etta
Lee Ka Pui Etta holds her Bachelor Degree of Arts (Music) (Hons.) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Lee is the scholarship recipient of the CUHK Honours Certificate (2003-2004), the Chung Chi College Scholarship (2004, 2006), the Faculty Dean’s Honours List (2004-2005) and the Kong Yu Kau Memorial Scholarship.
Lee was elected as exchange student in her junior year, and she studied Musicology at Humboldt University, Berlin.
Lee received koto training under Grand Master Imatake. Since then she has performed frequently at the Japanese Club Autumn Music Concert. She was invited to perform for the cocktail party of the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong last year.
Carolyn Parker
 Carolyn Parker first took up koto study in 2001 when she went to Japan for four months over summer. She returned each summer for the next two years studying under Grand Master Tomoko Ohara. While back in Hong Kong, she studied under Grand Master Imatake. Carolyn wanted to study more seriously so she moved to Tokyo in 2004 where she continued her studies under Grand Master Tomoko Ohara. In 2010 she completed her 5th level Koto Certificate and returned to Hong Kong. Carolyn has performed in various venues in both Tokyo and Hong Kong.


Cheung Chi-Ho
Cheung Chi-ho,  graduated from Hong Kong Chinese University, with a major in music. He has  been receiving koto training since 2006 under Grand Master Imatake and has participated in various performances in Hong Kong.